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Through virtual reality, it is possible to experience a film in an immersive way, entering the narration. We create VR rooms, complete with headsets, to share the vision with other viewers simultaneously. Today the cinema in virtual reality presents a critical barrier to entry. One of the main problems of VR is the usability, both from a technical point of view of hardware and software and from a logistic point of view. Over time we have acquired vast knowledge in the realization of collective virtual moments. You can entrust us with the programming, implementation, and selection of immersive content that will allow you to create a complete VR Cinema experience.

Il Cinemino Milano


Kilowatt Festival Sansepolcro

Stensen Foundation Florence

Andersen Festival Sestri Levante

Virtual Reality Movie Festival Modena

Dig Festival Riccione

Wired Next Fest Milan

International Documentary Film Festival – Festival dei Popoli Florence

Festival dei popoli

Wired Next Fest Florence