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Gold VR is part of the Gold project entirely dedicated to virtual reality and its matrices; specialized in the creation and distribution of immersive audiovisual content and spin-offs, founded in 2003.

We develop projects in virtual reality, ad hoc for our customers, taking care of every phase of the planning and implementation (design, production, post production and use).

Our team with a multidisciplinary background is made up of: creatives, technicians, producers, visual artists, video makers who work with the most advanced virtual reality tools and from the union of our skills, we carry out a project which is a guarantee of quality, avant-garde and innovation.


Gold VR believes in the extraordinary communicative potential of virtual reality, choosing to create a concept that goes far beyond the traditional mode of use aimed at the individual. The basic idea is to propose an unconventional alternative that connects people, assuming that the value of the VR experience is amplified when it is shared.


Home Edition

A delivery project born at the end of 2020, designed to meet the needs of those who want to enjoy Gold VR productions directly at home.


Virtual Paintings

An artistic syncretism and the contamination of genres. It is a completely innovative and at times experimental artistic dimension.


Collective Shows

They are the heart of Gold VR’s mission: to offer viewers and performers the opportunity to experience collective virtual reality experiences of great impact.


What can we do with Vr?

VR Productions

We specialize in realizing immersive audiovisual content. We use our highly qualified knowledge to create virtual reality storytelling. We use virtual reality to tell content-focused stories. Experimenting with new languages and applying creativity to VR technology allows us to take the audience into the narrative, to get them to feel real emotions. Relive a story, promote a brand, present a product, broadcast recent events, virtual reality has no limits.


VR Training

The VR market is growing fast, and it is becoming exponentially one of the most relevant areas of tech innovation and artistic expression. Thanks to its emotional engagement, the immersive and interactive world of VR audio-video and storytelling presents no comparable medium. Our workshops lead newbies into developing skills and techniques and are oriented on VR video production, with particular focus on direction and storytelling.


VR Corporate Events

We make your corporate events memorable with the most innovative form of entertainment.We provide premium quality VR headsets and content to allow you to impress your guests with spectacular immersive experiences that take your corporate events to the next level.This high-performance technology is suitable to meet the needs of every company and offers an alternative different from the usual forms of entertainment, with great visual and emotional impact.


VR Renting

Here we are, helping clients build extraordinary immersive experiences. We provide a renting service for anything you need to create content in virtual reality: headsets, video cameras, cameras, operators’ assistance for your VR projects. Thanks to the continuous study of the VR market, we can provide high-quality services and instruments, the best technical solution for immersive experiences, matching the needs of every project.


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