F.A.M.E. VR - Gold VR

F.A.M.E. VR is a short film based on the poem in Calabrian dialect contained in “Panza, Crianza, Ricordanza” by Giancarlo Cauteruccio, who is also the protagonist of this transposition in VR of the successful theatrical performance of Teatro Studio Krypton.

The 360º perspective allows you to observe the three actions of Cauteruccio that is simultaneously on stage, in the kitchen and at the table. He devours large quantities of food in the middle of an empty room while he talks about food, lack of food, hunger and despair, or even as a way to escape the loneliness of the spirit and the hostilities of this world.




Giancarlo Cauteruccio, Massimo Bevilacqua


Gold, Teatro Studio Krypton, Regione Toscana