StreetVirtuality - Gold VR


In the Street Levels Gallery exhibition space in Florence, the artists BUE2530 and frenopersciacalli created a performance halfway between virtual reality and augmented reality. The exhibition was divided into two parts, and it allowed the audience to join in the catharsis of the creative process. On the one hand, the live performance of the two artists who created a work on the spot, using the HTC Vive headset. On the other hand, the possibility of experiencing the development of the work at 360 ° through VR: looking at what seemed a white wall, it was possible to dive into the artistic evolution itself.

The videos show the artists during the live performance, to be able to see it in VR you need a headset. A simple cardboard one will do too. Follow the link to download  Gold’s cardboard.

La performance VR di frenopersciacalli

La performance VR di Bue2530