Collective Shows - Gold VR

Collective Shows

Virtual reality was born to transport anyone into an “alternative and virtual dimension”, giving the viewer unprecedented sensations that were not even imaginable with conventional tools.

The basic idea was to exploit the extraordinary communicative potential of VR to be able to create something that went beyond the traditional mode of use addressed to the individual, proposing an equally successful alternative mode that deliberately connects people, starting from the assumption that the communicative value of the VR experience can be amplified when it is shared.

An overall experience

The collective shows in virtual reality make the simple viewing of a film an interactive and unique experience; making the viewer completely immerse in the narrative flow and at the same time offering them the opportunity to share the vision with other viewers simultaneously. The potential of virtual reality lies in its versatility; in fact, in collective screenings, viewers are able to experience the same 360 ° experience in total freedom, shifting their gaze in the direction of what captures their attention within the scene. Therefore, through collective projections, the visual experience that we usually associate with the individual becomes a unicum made up of many individualities.

An innovative project unique in the world

Gold in recent years, thanks to its experience in the field of VR, wanted to give life to the project of collective projections, creating productions and performances of various kinds, collaborating with artists, companies, professionals, festivals, theaters and associations, to 100 viewers for projection. The project of collective projections – which includes “Segnale d’allarme”, the transposition in VR from the play “My Battle” by Elio Germano and Chiara Lagani, directed by Elio Germano himself in collaboration with Omar Rashid – obtained a very positive reception from the public and is also gaining recognition in the international arena.