Virtual Paintings - Gold VR

Virtual Paintings

An artistic syncretism and the contamination of genres.

It is an innovative and at times experimental artistic dimension; the goal is to start from a creative idea declining it in the language of virtual reality, to give life to completely new interactive performances

The compelling challenge was to break down the barriers that stood between two different dimensions; art and virtual reality.
It was necessary to change the point of view, with the certainty that art itself exists to include, and not the other way around.

Unconventional performances with Luca Barcellona

Luca Barcellona, in collaboration with Gold, has created a series of evocative performances of live calligraphy accompanied by listening to music, during which the artist together with some guests entertained his audience by giving life to ever-different forms, in a riot of colors immersive and synaesthetic.

Experiment and get to know a new language

“The happiest boy in the world” is the latest film by the cartoonist and illustrator Gipi that was presented at the Stensen Foundation in Florence.
For the occasion, Gipi performed an experimental and suggestive virtual painting performance.

Entering the artist’s mind when he is immersed in his own Art, being involved during the generation phase of a work, immersing himself in a 360 ° artistic space managing to grasp every detail: this is art in virtual reality, but it is also much more.