Home Edition - Gold VR

Home Edition

From universal to particular

At the same time as the total closure of theaters and cinemas due to the Covid-19 pandemic, aware that art and its use have no limits: starting from 1 December 2020, in collaboration with the Piemonte Dal Vivo Foundation, Gold has started to propose, through a specialized delivery system, a completely original and effective solution to deliver its products directly to people’s homes.

From this idea was born Segnale D’Allarme – Extraordinary Edition in Smart Watching, the show by Elio Germano co-directed by Omar Rashid, in a home edition version.

Inside the project Edizione Straordinaria

Thanks to the precious collaboration of Piemonte dal Vivo – a multidisciplinary regional circuit – Piedmontese citizens have been able and can watch the projection of a work directly from home with the sole use of VR viewers.

This was an important promise for the Foundation; act in such a way that despite the unfavorable conditions in which the world of art has found itself, there remains a lively contact between the artists and the public.