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Gold VR is the virtual reality department, specialized in realizing and distributing immersive, audiovisual contents. It is a spin-off of Gold, a project founded in 2003.

After years of experimenting in this sector, we specialized in the VR audio-video, considering this fertile niche open to multiple possibilities. We create and provide services using virtual reality. Through VR, we realize live and immersive experiences. For every project, we take care of concept, design, development, production, and engagement. We use technology to get into the stories and bring ideas to life. Virtual reality allows you to assist an event and be a part of it, Gold VR’s job is to take into this 360° journey. Our team presents different backgrounds: creatives, techs, producers, visual artists, video makers. We use the most advanced technology and tools, and we never stop learning. Put together all our different skills, and you will have a cutting-edge project breathing innovation and quality.

What can we do with Vr?


VR Productions

We specialize in realizing immersive audiovisual content. We use our highly qualified knowledge to create virtual reality storytelling. We use virtual reality to tell content-focused stories. Experimenting with new languages and applying creativity to VR technology allows us to take the audience into the narrative, to get them to feel real emotions. Relive a story, promote a brand, present a product, broadcast recent events, virtual reality has no limits.


VR Performance

Virtual reality is a tool yet to experiment, and it presents endless applications. Associating this technology to art, it means realizing performances that know no limits but those of creativity itself. We have combined our passion and competence for the audiovisual language with these elements, arriving at the creation of VR performances, that is to say, immersive. Artists and audiences will be able to dive into a 360° virtual space, becoming a work of art altogether.


VR Screenings

Combining cinema and VR means creating a new kind of experience; it is not just entertainment.
Virtual reality takes the spectator into the narrative while the theatre offers the possibility to share the moment with others. Through custom-tailored solutions according to needs or requests from your clients, we create collective immersive experiences. We set up small theaters taking care of all the details: hardware, software, logistics, and qualified personnel.


VR Training

The VR market is growing fast, and it is becoming exponentially one of the most relevant areas of tech innovation and artistic expression. Thanks to its emotional engagement, the immersive and interactive world of VR audio-video and storytelling presents no comparable medium. Our workshops lead newbies into developing skills and techniques and are oriented on VR video production, with particular focus on direction and storytelling.


VR Renting

Here we are, helping clients build extraordinary immersive experiences. We provide a renting service for anything you need to create content in virtual reality: headsets, video cameras, cameras, operators’ assistance for your VR projects. Thanks to the continuous study of the VR market, we can provide high-quality services and instruments, the best technical solution for immersive experiences, matching the needs of every project.

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